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Hi! I am Michael Raab, and I often tell my clients that I am NOT a normal real estate agent, but I mean that in a very positive way. Let me explain.

I happen to be adopted. I was fortunate to be selected by a great family who gave me a fantastic life.

My parents were raised during the depression, and we were taught early on not to waste things. I was also expected to earn my own spending money. I started mowing lawns in the neighborhood at age 10. At age 12, I secured a position as a delivery boy for the local newspaper. At age 15, I was 6’3’ and obtained a job as a bag boy at the local grocery store. Back then, the employment verification was not as strict as it is now 🙂

My family taught me about Honesty, Hard Work, and Consideration for others. As a result, I won an academic scholarship from California and obtained a degree in finance from the University of Southern California.

In college, I developed the opinion that the people who made a good living either owned the company or were the salesmen in the company. Since I didn’t own a company and neither did my dad, it was time to be a salesperson. Now in 1977, we did not have the internet or mobile phones.

I became a life insurance salesperson. There are not many tougher jobs than being a 21-year-old selling a product to clients that were significantly older than you and involved talking about a situation most people did not want to discuss (dying). I worked hard at developing my listening skills. I never engaged in any pressure tactics ( I hate them). The net result was that I led my 60 person office in sales 5 times in 18 months and was promoted to assistant manager to help train other salespersons.

I ran a life insurance agency for another company and then was brought to Atlanta to run 8 states for an insurance carrier. When they sold out, I stayed here and started over. I went back into sales, selling commercial insurance to business owners.

The key to success in this field was the same. Listen HARD, pay attention to your clients’ wants and needs. Develop a plan to get them what they want at a price they can afford to pay. Keep doing it.

When I transitioned to real estate, I brought the same work ethic and skill set to that business. I quickly found that having a strong business background grounded in contracts (every insurance policy is a contract) allowed me two quickly find success in helping my real estate clients achieve their Real Estate objective. Whether it was Buying or Selling, they got the Service they Deserved and the Results they Desired. In my first full year, I helped 28 clients achieve their real estate dreams.

I have continued to grow and develop systems and tools to enhance my client’s experience in Real Estate.

Today I am a Real Estate Broker, not just an agent. I’m here to help you “Get the Real Estate Results you Desire” while providing you with “The Service you Deserve!” Contact Me today to get started!

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10 months ago
Mike's expertise in real estate matters was a key factor in selling my home. His professional approach to selling/buying homes is his hallmark towards delivering a successful outcome of satisfaction for his clients. I recommend his service to serious home buyers and sellers in the Atlanta , Georgia...
Tiffani Chambers
10 months ago
Michael Raab is an absolute gem as a realtor. He is honest, a man of integrity. He also put up with my finicky, pickiness like a champ. He took my husband and I around to several homes, before we found the ONE. If you are looking for a realtor with the client in mind (not his/her own pocket),...
11 months ago
Mike is an incredible person with whom to work. His attention to details and my vision exceeded expectations. He walked through my home of twenty-three years and fully understood my need for wall space while also understanding my desire for an open-ish floor plan. Selling and buying a home...
1 year ago
We had the BEST experience house hunting with Mike. He stuck with us as we searched for the perfect house for our family. He answered all our questions and explained the process to us throughout our buying experience. He is very professional and knowledgeable about the area. He is an excellent...
jeffrey olson2020
1 year ago
Michael was very professional and knowledgeable about the area. He answered any questions we had expeditiously and was overall very pleasant to work with. With 40 years experience in homeowners insurance and half a decade as a realtor, I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to buy/sell in...
Chay Belle
1 year ago
Very attentive, knowledgeable, and patient. Walked me through everything. Was with every step of the way. I would recommend him for your home buying needs
1 year ago
We needed a very aggressive real estate agent and Mike was exactly what we needed! We had many obstacles (WAY downplayed) but Mike got through them all, brought it all together and did exactly what we needed done! I HIGHLY recommend Mike to everyone!!!
1 year ago
I chose Mike Raab at random and have never regretted my choice. He has shown great skill in securing for me the home I requested. Rochelle Jabaley April 13, 2020
1 year ago
Mike is awesome! He did a fabulous job helping us to navigate what is ordinarily a very stressful thing. He was an excellent negotiator and was very knowledgeable about the area and also the systems of the home.
1 year ago
It’s easy. If you want a realtor who will help you buy or sell your dream home, who will look out for your best interests, who knows the market in every way and has a ton of integrity.., work with Mike. If not, work with someone else. Mike Raab is the best! My family loved working with him.
1 year ago
Mike was very patient with us throughout the process and we never felt we were taking up his time. He took the time to explain anything we had questions about. We had a great experience with him as our agent and would use him again.
2 years ago
Mike was very knowledgeable about the area and was always willing to work around my schedule. He always kept an eye out for listings that met my needs. He answered calls and responded to texts in a timely manner. I was a first-time home buyer and Mike made sure I understood every step of the...
Waythan Easterling
2 years ago
I was set up with a realtor by Zillow and I only had that person for 2 weeks and the company they worked for kept reassigning Realtors to me. I went through 5 before I had one for more than 2 weeks. He started sending me any and all properties for sale and just disregarded my requirements. Then...
2 years ago
2 years ago
My own experience working as a customer with Mike Raad has been great! He's knowledge as a Real Estate Agent is vastly enough to satisfy customer expectations! Great job Mike! Congratulations!
Ruber Miranda
2 years ago
My own experience working as a customer with Mike Raad has been great! He's knowledge as a Real Estate Agent is vastly enough to satisfy customer expectations! Great job Mike! Congratulations!
2 years ago
I wanted to find the right home for me and my family. I met Michael after checking on a local listing and the rest as some would say is history. Mike was always Professional and Dependable. Everything was explained and every question was answered. Mike you are Amazing. Thank you for helping me...
2 years ago
Michael Raab sold out home within the time frame he promised and for more money than we thought possible. He is a consummate professional and I would seek out his expertise if I wanted to sell or buy. Terry & Teresa Kleeblatt
Alisa Dallas
2 years ago
Mike did a wonderful job walking us through the whole process of selling and buying! He made sure every family member's needs were met. He set up appointments and sent a schedule for viewings. The viewings were responsive to our needs. I would recommend Mike for both selling a home and buying a...
2 years ago
Knowledgeable, friendly, honest and got it done. Always stayed in contact and kept us up to date on every step during the process of selling our home.
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