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Grantville is a city home to over 3,000 residents in the southern part of Coweta County, Georgia.


This mostly rural town features a lovely collection of well-built suburban subdivisions carved along the wooded landscapes of the region. For more information on the area, please feel free to read our community page or give us a call for additional questions you may have about Grantville.


  • BEDROOM COMMUNITY: The city is relatively small, centered along various highways that pass through the community. Notable highways that pass through the area include Highway 29 and Interstate 85. Like other small towns in the region, Grantville is a fantastic bedroom community for larger city centers in the region, including Newnan to the north and LaGrange to the southwest.
  • SMALL-TOWN FEEL: Although considered a city, Grantville has a unique small-town feel reflected in how the community is laid out. The town center features most commercial establishments in the region, including a good number of retail and dining establishments. Community amenities are also centrally located, including several parks and various school options available to families living in the area.
  • EXPANSIVE REAL ESTATE OPTIONS: Residential real estate options available to buyers looking at Grantville are quite plentiful. You’ll find lots of affordable starter homes making up a significant volume of available supply in the area. New residential developments are also numerous, providing many contemporary home options for families interested in the community. If you’re looking to build a house from scratch, vacant lots in various sections of the city may be an ideal option for you to consider. If you have a particular home type you want to find in Grantville, please don’t hesitate to contact our team, and we’ll be glad to help you out.
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5710 Hwy 29 Road

Grantville, GA, 30220


134 Corinth Reserve Place LOT 9

Grantville, GA, 30220


234 Beavers Road LOT 14

Grantville, GA, 30220


374 Beavers Road LOT 24

Grantville, GA, 30220


185 Golden Creek Drive LOT 20

Grantville, GA, 30220


162 Golden Creek Drive LOT 18

Grantville, GA, 30220
Homes for Sale in Grantville

5 Real Estate Facts About Grantville

  • Occupying over five square miles of land, there are many properties on and off the market throughout Grantville. These properties are priced anywhere between $100,000 to a million-plus.
  • Property options available for purchase in Grantville include vacant lots, cul de sac subdivisions, estate homes, farmsteads, and more.
  • The most affordable starter homes in the area are the older Craftsman Bungalows built during the early 20th century.
  • Cul de sac subdivisions are a staple in the area, making up most of the residential real estate in the central portion of the community.
  • You can find beautiful farmsteads and estate-style residences throughout the city, offering expansive multi-acre properties with picturesque views of surrounding wooded landscapes.
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Grantville Map

Grantville is a small city in the southwestern outskirts of Coweta County, Georgia. The city is about a 15-minute drive south of Downtown Newnan and is one of several notable towns in the region. Situated along a couple of highways, the community is ideally placed between two urban centers making it a relatively ideal place to move into if you prefer to live relatively away from the busier districts of the region.

Although a lot smaller than Newnan, Grantville does offer a wealth of attractions for residents to enjoy during their free time. There are many public recreation options in the city and stores, and restaurants are readily available in the town center.

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Things to do in Grantville

Grantville Parks and Recreation

There is multiple outdoor recreations ideally placed throughout the town center of Grantville. Attractions include ball parks, tennis courts, green spaces, and more.

Grantville City Hall

Government office providing various public services for the community.

Dollar General

Bargain retail chain providing various items you need for your family.

Niko’s Family Restaurant

Small town family restaurant serving classic American favorites.


Schools in Grantville

School Name
Glanton Elementary School
PK – 5
Smokey Road Middle School
6 – 8
Newnan High School
9 – 12